Essential Planning Documents For Children As They Head to College

Until a child reaches the age of 18, a parent can access their children’s medical records and to make decisions regarding medical care and treatment. Likewise, the financial affairs of children under 18 are in reality the financial affairs of the parent. When a child turns 18, they are an adult and legally entitled to their own privacy and legal right to make their own decisions regarding their finances, educational and medical information. In order to plan for the unexpected regarding your children when they become adults, it is important to consider planning documents to assist your children.  At least three important documents should be considered for your children when they turn 18:

  1. Health Care Proxy with HIPAA Release
  2. Durable Power of Attorney
  3. Will

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For more information on each of the three documents, see Take These Three Steps When Your Child Turns 18, ElderLawAnswers.  Also see, Bryan KirkFive Essentials for College Freshmen, Trust and Estate Planning, June 19, 2017.