Recusal Hearing of Judge Ralph Strother in the Waco Twin Peaks Cases

“Would you rather we come to your client’s house and kick the door down so we can execute the search warrant?”   

You could have heard a pin drop; you could have heard time crawl. Suddenly, everyone present was looking into the abyss of the police state.  Rick Rousseau’s face was a mask of stone. Everyone else looked a little bit pale, including the judge.

The most dramatic and poignant argument came from Former Judge Susan Criss, whose emotions carried her into the realm of an outraged woman at the well, arguing with  a tormenting interlocutor who would not let her speak without interruption.  The DA constantly objected to her words as irrelevant, and she fairly shouted at him, “Yes, it’s relevant!” With a great economy of words, she reminded him that these are the underpinnings of the republican form of government.”

See full article “Of Search and Seizure, August 17, 2017, Radiolegendary.