RWR picAs of 2007, disabled veterans are now able to hire an attorney immediately after filing a Notice of Disagreement at the VA regional office (VARO). Prior to 2007, veterans could not hire attorneys to provide their legal representation until the later phases of their appeals process taking years to complete. Hiring an attorney early in the VA appeal process allows the veteran to present a properly developed and prepared file supporting the claim.LCR for website2

The VA grants entitlement benefits to veterans for service-connected disabilities, survivor benefits, pensions for non-service connected 26394_1217323833730_300726_ndisabilities, and other benefits such as education payments and waiver of indebtedness. Upon notification of the extent of benefits available to each individual veteran, he/she has the right to appeal the decision if they believe the benefits to be less than that for which they are entitled. The appeals process is lengthy and cumbersome; requiring veterans to abide by precise standards, or else the appeal is thrown out.

Representation is also provided for actions before the Board of Correction of Military Records and Discharge Review Board.


As a retired Soldier with 27 years of active duty, three combat deployments, and two Bronze Star Medals, Colonel (Retired) Rick Rousseau personally knows the sacrifices a Servicemember and their families have endured in service to the country. His mission is to help fellow Veterans navigate and prove their valid claims to receive the VA Compensation and Benefits that they have earned.

The Criss & Rousseau Law Firm helps veterans with valid claims present their case, provide legal arguments, and documentation substantiating entitlement to compensation, benefits, or pension that the Veteran has earned. We will review your claim file, medical evidence, and prepare your claim for the VARO appeal, the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA), or the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

The Criss & Rousseau Law Firm can represent you regardless of where you live in the country or across the world. Using e-mail, fax, Skype, or the USPS all required documents can be sent to you or from you to us (C-Files, Service Records, Medical Records, and correspondence) allowing us to handle your VA claim or appeal.

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Rick Rousseau is Accredited by the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide representation services to claimants before the VA.